We are so proud to support the #CHOOSEKIND movement and excited to share it with you on our website. 

~Tara & Beth, Blush Boutique

"Be confident in your individuality. Believe in your worth and believe that YOU are amazing! In a world full of judgement and ridicule, it takes courage and self-confidence to be KIND. Believe in yourself and stand in your power. We are all 'perfectly imperfect'....

Do not allow judgement or any negativity to dim your light.. shine bright!

Wear your shirts on Mondays-start the week off with Kindness

Portion of proceeds are donated to an Anti-Bullying Foundation

I believe it took a single catalyst, a positive burst to edge this forward. 

Together we can move mountains and make waves. We are in this together. 

Slowly, but with certainty, this nonsense of bullying, judgment and ridicule will seize and become powerless…Show your commitment to yourself, your family and your communities…join the movement, make waves.



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